I am passionate about criminal defense, in and out of the courtroom.

Jes Jones, Criminal Defense Attorney

I believe it is important to be engaged in our community.  The government has vast power, but it makes mistakes.  Our federal and state constitutions provide a check on the government’s power.  Though no one expects to need a criminal defense attorney, I believe I play an important role in our society--defense lawyers are essential to the protection of our rights. 


I am on the board of the Colorado Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, a progressive legal organization.  In 2009, I was a co-recipient of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Gideon Award for my involvement in organizing and defending over 100 political protesters arrested during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  I coordinated over 80 attorneys to provide free representation to the political protesters criminally charged as a result of exercising their First Amendment rights.  Again, during the Occupy Denver movement in 2012, I organized pro bono attorneys to represent demonstrators.  It is very rewarding to encourage other defense attorneys to get involved in the community.  In fact during NLG's 2012 Law for the People convention, I presented on "What Public Defenders Can Do to Support Community Causes."  In my work and in my spare time, I always pursue social justice within my community. 


I was asked to join the board of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, in 2013.  It is an honor to work with an organization that is responsible for positive legislative change: protecting the rights of those accused of committing crimes and opposing the death penalty.  Additionally CCDB provides a much-needed network of support to criminal defense attorneys across the state and I believe it is critical to share experiences and expertise.  


Additionally, I was invited to sit on the board of LYRIC (Learn Your Rights in Colorado), an amazing organization dedicated to teaching students their constitutional rights.  Being part of LYRIC brings together my passions for criminal justice and community activism, as LYRIC goes into local high schools, into juvenile justice facilities, and therefore into the communities where youth are most effected by the presence of law enforcement.  LYRIC makes it a priority to help those youth and juveniles who can benefit the most from learning about their civil rights, and I am pleased to be a part of what LYRIC is all about.