You are more than a case number.

I value both your unique personal experience and your specific legal situation.  Because of my experience as a public defender and a civil rights attorney, I am able to provide you a strong defense, and also advise regarding potential civil claims, such as police brutality or retaliation for exercising your freedom of speech. 


As a public defender, solely practicing criminal defense, I gained invaluable experience.  I have tried over 65 jury trials.  I am skilled in trial litigation: arguing suppression issues, selecting a jury, crafting exacting cross-examinations, and making persuasive closing arguments.  Further, I am a tenacious advocate and negotiator.  As your defense attorney, I will assess your criminal charges, negotiate with the district attorney, identify the legal issues, research and file motions, and follow through with necessary investigation and experts.  I know the extreme stress and the devastating consequences that being charged with a crime can bring about.  Whether you decide to resolve your case with a plea bargain or choose to take your case to a jury trial, I will explain each step and guide you through the complicated and frustrating system, with knowledge and familiarity.  



I graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 2007, and received my undergraduate degree from Calvin College in 2003.  While in law school I had the opportunity to work for the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta, GA, the American Civil Liberties Union, here in Denver, CO; and the Legal Aid Society in Queens, NYC.  Each experience has shaped me into the attorney I am today, someone who prioritizes human dignity and values civil rights.

Professional Affiliations


-Colorado Criminal Defense Institute, Board Member
-National Lawyers Guild, Colorado Chapter Board Member

-Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Member

-Age of Delinquency Task Force, Co-Chair

Bar Admissions


-State of Colorado

Practice Areas


-Municipal Violations
-Traffic Offenses
-Domestic Violence
-Theft and Property Crimes
-Sexual Assaults
-Child Abuse
-Drug Possession and Distribution
-Violent Crimes
-Probation Violations
-Sealing of Criminal Records



-2014 - 2019 Colorado Super Lawyers Rising Stars, an honor limited to 2.5 percent of attorneys in Colorado.


-2015 LYRIC Volunteer of the Year


-2009 Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Gideon Award for remarkable effort to fulfill the promise of Gideon v. Wainwright and dedication to advocacy on behalf of the poor.